Part 1: Saturday, March 28, 2015, 1-5pm - 

Introduction to Nuno Felting with Carin Engen.  (

Cost for the workshop is $200 plus materials fee.

Explore the magical technique of Nuno felting. This will introduce you to the tools, materials and methods used to make this amazing process happen. It’s like painting with fibers. During the process the fibers actually migrate through the fabric. If you don’t cover the entire fabric with fiber a secondary pattern happens because the wool fibers shrink but the fabric doesn’t, creating lots of pucker.

Class length-4 hours

Material provided;

  •     Silk scarf
  •     Extra fine Merino Top
  •     Bombyx Silk Roving
  •     Detailed instruction sheet

Material fee-$30.00

Students need to bring;

  •     2 old towels
  •     plastic dish pan
  •     scissors
  •     plastic bowl, like Ziplock Brand refrigerator bowl
  •     packing bubblewrap with Small bumps 24” x 7’
  •     one 6’ long table. It is nice to have tables 36” high

Part II: Sunday March 29,2015, 9:30-4:30  

Advanced Nuno Workshop

Some of the things that will be covered are; 

  • How to use cotton and other fabrics, printed fabrics too.  
  • Other fibers and how they work, such as soy silk, bamboo, tensel, mohair, alpaca and angora.
  • Designs on both sides of the scarf.
  • What to do with the raw edge if using yardage.
  • Add a ruffle?
  • How to use silk hankies. Trapping with a silk hankie.
  • Fringes.
  • 3d designs, resists.
  • Patchwork, how to use wool as the glue to hold pieces together. A great way to use silk fabric remnants and scraps.

Class length-6 hours

Material fee-To be determined by the students’ project, approximately $30.00.

Material provided;

  •     Silk and cotton fabric
  •     All fibers

Students need to bring;

  •     2 old towels
  •     Plastic dish pan
  •     Scissors
  •     Silk fabric scraps if they wish.
  •     Packing bubblewrap with small bumps 22” X 8’
  •     PVC pipe 22”x 1 ¼” to 2” in diameter 
  •     One 6 foot table

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Nuno Felting workshop with Caren Engen  

March 28-29, 2015