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December, 2018 Volume 35, Issue 4

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Holiday Party!!!!

December 8th 6:30 PM
at Jane's House 4823 Camp Street RSVP 

It's a potluck!!! Please bring a dish and you significant other!

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Upcoming Calendar Events

December 10th Holiday Party at Jane's House 4823 Camp Street RSVP 
Some dates may be subject to change.

ROC Day January 5th 
9:00 AM TO 4:00 PM Pass Christian Yacht Club120 Market Street, Pass Christian, MS 39571

January 19th NOWG meeting Latter Library Learning to spin or dust off your wheel and come share what you know!

February 16th NOWG meeting Latter Library A little introduction to using social media to share fiber art projects and use the NOWG Facebook page.

March 15th and 16th NOWG dye workshop

April 6th and 7th New Orleans Botanical Garden Spring Garden Show- Weaving and Spinning Demo

April 13th NOWG meeting Spinning and Weaving on the porch of the Latter Library

May 18th NOWG meeting at Latter Library
Tapestry Study Group and tapestry weaving workshop

The Dyed in the Wool Weavers/Spinners of the Mississippi Gulf Coast invites you to

ROC DAY 2019

SATURDAY, JANUARY 5, 2019 9:00 AM TO 4:00 PM

Pass Christian Yacht Club
120 Market Street, Pass Christian, MS 39571
$25.00 per person.


Clink the link below for registration info.
Deadline for registration is December 10, 2018

The registration fee includes beverages, snacks, lunch with dessert and door prizes and a cash bar is available.

We are planning next years programming! Let us know if there is something you are interested in learning more about, if you would like to host a workshop or have an idea for a workshop. Email any and all ideas and suggestions to

Tapestry Weaving Interest Group starting January 2019

Several NOWG members have been exploring tapestry as a weaving style lately. And a few have been following, (one even attended, a workshop with) renowned tapestry weaver Rebecca Mezoff. Rebecca is a very popular instructor as well as commissioned weaver who has a complete course of tapestry weaving videos available on the internet. You can read all about her, see samples of her work and read through her course descriptions at
Rebecca has recently begun offering special pricing of her instructional videos for Guilds who sign up as a group to take the classes. Several NOWG members have expressed a desire to take this online workshop, so our target start date is January 2019. The individual pricing is based on a sliding scale depending on how many members sign up for the course. Once a member has registered for the class, that member will have unlimited and forever access to the course materials.
It is the consensuses of everyone, that we will begin at the beginning with, Warp and Weft:
Learning the Structure of Tapestry. So if you know nothing about this type of weaving ,then you will be learning just like the rest of us - at the beginning. We will meet once monthly and besides that, everyone will move at their own pace, so this is a “no pressure” study group.
Pricing runs as follows:
5-9 people $120 each
10-14 people $110 each
15+ people $100 each
Its all about access to this videos at seriously discounted rate.
Fees are paid directly to Rebecca Mezoff but we need to provide her with a list of individuals who will be participating.

The deadline to sign up for this group is by the annual business meeting, November 17 th .Please contact Bev Madere to sign up.

NOVEMBER Meeting Notes

Meeting started at 10:40 a.m. at Latter Library

1) Review of Nuance Gallery sale and demo.  Wendy stated that they were happy the guild was there. Sales went well for those that sold at the event.

2) Lottery for guild liquidation of the library and equipment will happen at the Christmas party on Dec. 8th.  Dec. 1st, 2018 will be the deadline for your       

3) Melanie Scott was appointed by the president as workshop coordinator.

4) Christmas party to be at Jane Sullivan’s home at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 8th.

5) Beverlee Madere moved to select nominated officers as proposed.  Jane Sullivan seconded the motion.
       Michele Andre - President
       Lena Kolb - Vice President and newsletter editor
       Maureen Murphy -  Secretary
       Beverlee Madere - Treasurer
       Jane Sullivan - Webmaster

6)  Treasury report  given by Beverlee Madere

7) Meetings for the rest of our calendar year:
      ROC Day, Jan. 5 2019 at the Pass Christian Yacht Club hosted by Dyed in the Wool Weavers and Spinner Guild of MS
      Jan. 19 - Learn ?
      Feb. 16 - Social Media - How to sell your items.
      March 16 - Spring Dye Workshop
      ****April 13**** (because of April 21st being Easter)  Tapestry study group  presents an update of what they have learned.
      May 18th - weaving on the Latter Library Porch

8) Rebecca Mezoff Tapestry on line workshop Sign up Deadline is December 1st.  Send your name to Beverlee Madere. 
       Workshop starts in January 2019.

9) Show and tell.


TUESDAY WEAVERS: The Tuesday Weavers' focus is to support wayward weavers and get them back to their looms. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month from 10:30am - 2:30pm usually at Bev Madere's but have been known to do "house calls" for neglected looms and frustrated weavers.  In Terrytown. contact 504 436 4691 for more info.

THE GATHERING…. 1st Thursday of every month ,10am-4pm. This is an open day (free of charge) for those wishing to come to weave or spin. Attendees learn from each other and bring their own equipment, lunch/beverage , a folding chair  and a pair of “inside “shoes..  Those who are new to these crafts are welcome to visit and learn more about appropriate types of equipment necessary  and to see weavers and spinners in action.  

3rd WEDNESDAY-Small Looms Day, 10am-4pm.  All loom types are welcome,,,  potholder looms, zoom looms, inkle and card looms, rigid heddle and tapestry looms.  This is an open day (free of charge) 

4th WEDNESDAY SPINNERS… 10am-4pm All types of wheels and spindles are welcome as well as carding equipment and blending boards. This is an open day (free of charge). Attendees learn from each other and bring their own equipment, lunch/beverage, folding chair, and a pair of “inside “ shoes.  Those new to spinning are welcome to visit and learn about various wheels and assorted types of spinning equipment used by others at the event.

These events are held monthly ,unless  the studio is closed  for fiber shows or events,

INSIDE SHOES… since most spinners and weavers do not wear shoes when practicing their crafts, we request that attendees leave their outside shoes at the door and wear only inside shoes while visiting  within the studio.

New Orleans Weavers Guild has a Facebook page!! Please likefollow and share our page with your weaving friends!

This can be a place for us to easily and quickly share information. You can post if you have items for sale, if there is a weaving event or anything you think the New Orleans Weaving Community would like to know about. If you would like to be added as a team member on the page let Lena know and she will add you. 

Feel free to post and share your fiber related events!



General meetings are usually held on the third Saturday of the month at the Latter Library unless Flip-In is scheduled. Meetings are held September through May.

Guild benefits to members include discounts on workshops and supplies, access to the Guild library and equipment, attendance at monthly and special group meetings, subscription to Patterns newsletter, opportunities to demonstrate, and display fiber related items collectively and receive the help, advice and camaraderie of other weavers, spinners and fiber artists.
Guild membership runs from September to August. 

Annual dues are $25.00 and due at the September meeting.  Dues are to be payable to: 

New Orleans Weavers Guild, P.O. Box58726, New Orleans, LA 70158.

Board Members 2018-2020

President: Michelle Andre
Vice-President: Lena Kolb
Treasurer: Bev Madere
Secretary: Maureen Murphy
Webmaster: Jane Sullivan
Newsletter Editor: Lena Kolb

Contribute to our Newsletter

Please send in contributions to our newsletter to
I would love to include information about textile exhibits, inspiration from textile artists, stories of weaving, images of interesting textile equipment, and pictures of work by NOWG members or anything YOU would like to share with the guild. I would love other members to be involved so if you have ideas of things you would like to see in the NOWG newsletter please feel free to contact me. 

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