Dyeing with Reactive MX Dyes
October 15, 10 am till...

The Goal of this workshop is to learn the basics of dyeing; dyeing safely. We will learn how to set the dyes for color fastness. One of a kind creations will be made. This is not a recipe class. The dyes we are using dye Cellulose fibers (cotton, linen, rayon, bamboo, etc.) and silk.

Lists of what you should bring to the dye class.

1. 1 lb of yarns, Warps are fun to do.
2. Dust mask
3. Rubber gloves
4. Measuring cups, measuring spoons (Never to be used for food prep again) metal or plastic kitchen             whip.
5. Spray bottle
6. A few plastic containers (large yogurt or deli quart size) clear or white
7. Several inches of newspaper
8. Plastic garbage bags
9. Note book
10. Dye apron or wear old clothes
11. Bring your lunch.

Scour your yarn before you come:
To scour yarn or fabric – use HOT water (140*F). A dash of dawn dish soap. DO NOT Use anything with bleach or brighteners. Carefully squeeze the yarn to work the hot soapy water into the fibers. Let it soak until it falls to the bottom of the bucket or bowl. You can use Arm and Hammer Washing soda to increase the scouring power. Rinse well. The yarn must be damp to dye so bring the yarn damp to the workshop.