The New Orleans Guild encourages several study groups for members to strengthen their knowledge and skills in particular areas of interest. 


TUESDAY WEAVERS: The Tuesday Weavers' focus is to support wayward weavers and get them back to their looms. We meet every Tuesday from 10:30am - 2:30pm usually at Bev Madere's but have been known to do "house calls" for neglected looms and frustrated weavers. Beginning October, Tuesday Weavers will meet on the second Tuesday of the month.

THE GATHERING: sponsored by WEAVIN’ PLACE ~ SAORI STYLE, 79434 Delaune Rd.  Folsom, LA PHONE:  H: (985) 796-8048,  C(504) 450-1405, meets the 1st Thursday of each month, 10:00am-4:00pm.  Open to all spinners and weavers, The Gathering offers an opportunity to share ideas and talents while working on projects in progress.  Because the venue is a working studio, attendees must provide their own chairs and lunch/beverages.

There is plenty of room, so workshop looms and spinning wheels are welcome!

4th WEDNESDAY SPINNERS… 10am-4pm All types of wheels and spindles are welcome as well as carding equipment and blending boards. This is an open day (free of charge). Attendees learn from each other and bring their own equipment, lunch/beverage, folding chair, and a pair of “inside “ shoes.  Those new to spinning are welcome to visit and learn about various wheels and assorted types of spinning equipment used by others at the event.

These events are held monthly ,unless  the studio is closed  for fiber shows or events,

INSIDE SHOES… since most spinners and weavers do not wear shoes when practicing their crafts, we request that attendees leave their outside shoes at the door and wear only inside shoes while visiting  within the studio.-Small Looms Day, 10am-4pm.  All loom types are welcome,,,  potholder looms, zoom looms, inkle and card looms, rigid heddle and tapestry looms.  This is an open day (free of charge)